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1) the story were read three days ago
2)we are not never asked at the English lesson
3) the text wiĺl be translated yesterday
4) english is speak all over the world
5) ice cream be made from milk
6) the game will be played in four days
7) the computers was bought in the shop
8) the flowers are not watered last week
9) the homework is did every day
переправьте предложения

от в категории Английский язык

предложения составлены не правильно,нужно исправить на правильн.

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1) The story was read... 2) we are never asked.... 3) the text was translated... 4) English is spoken... 5) Ice cream is made .... 6) предложение составлено верно - будущее простое, страдательный залог 7) The computers were bought... 8) Te flowers were not watered... 9) the homework is done...

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