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Complete the sentences with the prepositions of place.
in, in the, at, at the.
Mark was ... cinema last night. My cousin lives in ... Kyiv. It was Sunday yesterday so they weren't ... school. When you are ... theatre you must be quiet. Last weekend i was mountains with my cousins. Sorry, Linda is not ... home. She is out. The whole day yesterday i was ... bed because i was ill. Is there a computer ... study?

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at the;-;at;at the;at;in;-

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Mark was at the cinema last night.My cousin lives in Kyiv.It was Sunday yesterday,so they weren't at school.When you are at the theatre you must be quiet.Last weekend I was in the mountains with my cousins.Sorry,Linda is not at home.She is out.The whole day yesterday I was in bed because  I was ill.Is there a computer at the study?

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