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Помогите сочинить текст на английском языке 20 предложений про очкового медведя.Пожалуйста!

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Spectacled bear is a carnivorous mammal of the family of bears. This name this species of animal have rings yellow eye. Ring in the form of "points" as a rule, the lower part down face down, ending on the chest, where the form of spots of various shape, size and color.This beast of an average size: length of his body 150-180 cm, tail - 7-10 cm, height at the shoulder 75-80 cm; males are much larger than females, body weight females - 40-65 kg (males 130-140 kg, and the weight of males is approximately 60-70% more weight females. The spectacled bear of a massive body with short legs and a short tail. A large head with tiny eyes and ears. Around the eyes, white or yellow rings (hence the name), which is connected with the white semicircle on the throat. However, some individuals spots available. The muzzle is shorter than other bears. Shaggy fur, coal-black or black-brown, somewhat similar to wool bear-sloth bear. However, there are specimens with reddish or brownish color of fur. So take another animal of the local fauna for the spectacled bear is simply not real.

A distinctive feature of the family spectacled bear is also not typical bearish views the structure of the skeleton. So all bears 14 pairs of ribs, and the spectacled bear only 13 par. Thanks to archeological research has found out that in the subfamily Tremarctos this beast is the only living representative. What is more, this subfamily include the big one, but extinct fellow - giant short-faced bear, it was the largest ever lived on the planet bears.

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