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What would you do if:
1)you saw a baby playing with a knife?____________________________
2)you wanted to be the best pupil in your class?________________
3)you could be invisible?___________________________
4)you met an alien?___________________
5)You had a car?______________________

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1) I would take it away from a baby and check if they hurt yourself or not. If they old enough I would try to explain them why it is so dangerous to play with knife and other sharp objects. 2) I would take my studies more serious. I would spend more time studying and less playing and hanging out with friends. Maybe I would find a tutor or something like that. 3) I would have fun. I'd make bunch of pranks on my friends and siblings. May be I could help if there is someone in danger. 4) I would freak out at first, because it is not that common to meet an alien. But after that I would try to make a contact with them, try to find out basic things. Like what planet they are from and etc. 3) I wouldn't spend so much time in public transport. And I could go travel without so much of a planing, because I wouldn't need tickets and all those things. I would take it to workshope twice a year.

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1.Я бы забрал нож  и предупредил, что это не игрушка.
2.Я хотел бы быть лучшим учеником в классе, поэтому очень стараюсь на уроках.
3.Я бы хотел быть невидимым. Это здорово.
4.Я не встречал иностранца.
5.У меня нет автомобиля, но он есть у моих родственников.
1.I would have taken a knife and warned that it is not a toy.
 2.I would like to be the best student in the class, so it is trying in the classroom.
3. I would like to be invisible. It's fun. 
4.I have never met a foreigner.
5. I do not have a car, but it has one of my relatives.

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